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Available New Testament comments

Available Book of Mormon comments

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Available Pearl of Great Price comments

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Assorted comments and discussion sorted by book from OT to D&C. Some are more polished than others.

Creation Account Harmony (Gen., PofGP Moses, PofGP Abr.)

On Genesis 6:16

Jacob's Wrestle with God and Seeing God's Face

On Gen. 49:22, Joseph is a what?

On Circumcision

Work on the Sabbath

Birthrights, Blessings and Inheritance

In Defense of Jacob

Canaanites, Egyptians, Incest and Idolotry

Exod 4, Bridegroom of Blood

Who Wrote the Pentateuch?

On the Feet in Isa. 52:7

The Old Testament foundations of contemporary temple liturgy

The Biblicality of the Doctrine of Exaltation

Bible comments on resurrection and anihilation

Are you saved? NT doctrine of salvation

On the Scrament Prayers

Book of Mormon comments on Grace

Book of Mormon comments on Resurrection

Book of Mormon comments on being Ripe for Destruction

Mosiah 3 chiasmus

Possible origin of the word telestial

Stupidity and Sin

Assorted Comments by other authors

Types of Scriptural Poetry, compiled by Clark Goble (LDS)

Use of KJV English rhetoric in the LDS Cannon, by Asstd. Authors

On Problems with the KJV English, by Alan D. Eastman (LDS)

Comments on Isaiah 1 by Clark Goble (LDS)

Comments on Isaiah 2 & 3 by Clark Goble (LDS)

Textual Structure of Isaiah 2 & 3 by D. Lynn Johnson (LDS)

Comments on Isaiah 4 by Clark Goble (LDS)

Comments on Isaiah 5 by Clark Goble (LDS)

Comments on Isaiah 48 by Bob Westover (LDS)

Comments on Isaiah 49 by Bob Westover (LDS)

Avraham Gileadi Archive on Isaiah (LDS)

Ruth Walfish, Comments on Isaiah 6 (Jewish)

Frank Moeller, Comments on Isaiah (Christian) Comprehensive comparison of Masoretic Isaiah text with Qumran Isaiah text

The Jehovah Doctrine: Joseph Smith and the Scriptures, by Elden Watson (LDS)

Paul's usage of the Greek:arsenokoitai and translation to "homosexual", author unkown

Notes on 2 Peter, by D. Lynn Johnson (LDS)

Comments on Nephi's execution of Laban, by Clark Goble (LDS)

Comments on Nephi's execution of Laban, Anonymous

King Benjamin's pun in Mosiah 5:10-12, Anon.

Adam-God Theory material, part 1, Compiled by Clark Goble (LDS)

Adam-God Theory material, part 2, Compiled by Clark Goble (LDS)

Adam-God Theory material, additional comments upon, Richard Livingstone (LDS)

Adam-God Theory material, additional comments upon, Richard Livingstone (LDS)

General Links

Assorted things of potential interest to LDS persons in general

Official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

First Presidency statement on the KJV Bible

First Presidency review of the 1st edition Mormon Doctrine

1st edition Mormon Doctrine PDF

B.R. McConkie's comments on OD-2 a month after it was announced

Black Mormons & the Priesthood Ban Comments on the Blacks and the Priesthood issue addressed by the Elijah Abel Society of Black Latter-day Saints

Historical materials and assorted links pertaining to the D&C

The entire BofC on-line (scroll down the bar on the left), other historical stuff

Early LDS Church periodicals

On-line Bibles, Bible Dictinaries, and Bible Commentaries

Christian Classics Ethereal Library Writings of the ancient Church fathers and other prominent Christians

Index of online Bible tools Smith's Bible Dictionary and a lot of commentaries

Commentary Critical and Explanatory of the Whole Bible The 1871 six volume classic in its entirety

Blue Letter Bible Project KJV indexed against Strong's Concordance

RLDS Scripture Search including the full Inspired Version (JST)

Tanach Study Center Hasidic Jewish (Orthodox) web page based out of Israel, archived commentaries on the weekly Torah portions and some on the Prophets

Judaic Seminar Sephardic Jewish (Conservative) web page based out of NYC, archived commentaries on the Law & Prophets

Various Bibles in various languages and various scholarly editions and some Bible study links

Philologos - Religious books online including Lightfoot's Commentary on the NT from the Talmud and Hebraica wherein John Lightfoot (1602-1675) comments on the NT in light of Jewish commentary

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